What Should My Parents Carry When Traveling to the USA?

So, your parents are finally taking that dream trip to the United States! It's crucial to ensure they have all the necessary items to make their journey smooth and hassle-free. Here’s a comprehensive list of what they should carry:

Essential Documents and Information


  • Ensure their passport is valid for the duration of their stay. Additionally, if their visa is on the old passport then that should also be carried.

Address and Phone Number

  • They should have a print out of the residential address, name and phone number of their son, daughter, or relatives in the USA.
  • If they do not have a relative's address, a hotel booking confirmation is necessary.

Return Ticket

  • Carry a return ticket to show the immigration officer their intention to leave the USA within six months. (This is still debatable as not everyone has experienced it but its safe to do so.)


International Roaming Cell Phone Service

  • Activate international roaming on their cell phone to stay connected during the journey and after arriving in the USA.

Health and Medications

Prescriptions and Medicines

  • If they have health-related issues such as diabetes or heart conditions, ensure they carry prescriptions and sufficient medicines.


Dollars and Quarters

  • Bring US dollars in denominations like $5, $10, and $20 for easy transactions like giving to wheel chair assistance.
  • Carry quarters (25-cent coins) for vending machines, public transport, and other small purchases.


Visitors Insurance

  • Highly recommended! Unexpected medical emergencies can be expensive in the US. Purchasing visitors insurance from a reputable US company like those offered on Insubuy gives them peace of mind and financial protection in case of medical issues during their trip.



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