What to Do After Receiving Your Green Card

Congratulations on receiving your Green Card! Here are the important steps you need to take to update your records:

After receiving your Green Card, make sure to:

  • Get an unrestricted Social Security card.
  • Provide an updated I-9 form to your employer.
  • Keep a record of your travel dates.
  • Inform your bank and update your driver's license.
  • Update your address with the IRS using the AR-11 form if you move.
  • These steps ensure your records are up to date and help you avoid any issues in the future

1. Update Your Social Security Information

Why: Your Social Security (SS) card currently says "work authorization only."

Action: You need a new SS card that does not have this restriction.

How: Make an appointment with the Social Security office to update your SS card.

2. Update Your Employment Records

Why: Your employer needs to have the latest information about your work authorization.

Action: Provide your employer with an updated I-9 form.

3. Keep Your Travel Records

Why: You will need the dates of your travels for future processes like naturalization.

Action: Maintain a record of your travel dates and keep them safe.

4. Notify Your Bank and Update Your Driver's License

Why: Your bank and the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) need your updated information.

Action: Inform your bank and renew your driver's license with the new information.

5. Update Your Address with the IRS

Why: If you move, the IRS needs your current address.

Action: File an AR-11 form to update your address with the IRS.



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