What to do when you get a rejection under section 221(g) while you had a H1B dropbox in India?

What to do when you get a rejection under section 221(g) while you had a H1B dropbox in India, also how to book an appointment while the receipt says not to book a new appointment?

Well, first don't worry as this is not a denial notice. It is just to get more details or documents from you. Getting a rejection under Section 221(g) while attempting to renew your H1B visa through the Dropbox process in India can be a perplexing situation. I can suggest you with the next steps to take in this scenario based on several recommendations.

Over the years consulates in India have approached the process in various ways, so it is important to read the 221(g) slip carefully. Back in 2021 there was an option to schedule interview in CGI login page to book a slot. Currently in 2023 this has been changed, the slip would clearly state how / when to show up. The slip should state "Come on any business day before 10 AM which means you do not need an appointment.

You can go to the consulate with your documents and with this 221(g) slip that you received, just make sure you go as early as possible. Not at 9:55AM and expect them to let you in. Consulates usually process applicants on a first-come, first-served basis, and arriving early ensures you are among the first in line.

Additional tips to deal with the 221(g) rejection:

  • Be prepared and be honest. What does it mean, well lets say you haven't visited India in the last 5 years and the consular asks the question then make sure to answer them why weren't you able to visit. They are not expecting an answer like "Well, I don't like visiting India that often." or "Tickets were crazy expensive.".

  • Get all possible documents, like all your H1B I797A, if student (I20's, EAD), current LCA, passport, USA passport size photo, employer verification letter, if working for a client (Client letter), if small company then get employer tax document, your paystubs, if possible your previous year W2, DS160 Confirmation, Latest Resume, US DL, Address proof (make sure its in the work location as mentioned.

  • Be patient and cooperative. The consular officer may need to review your case for some time before making a decision. Be patient and cooperative throughout the process.



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