Top 10 H1B Sponsors of 2023: Leading the Way in Employment and Innovation

The H1B visa program remains a cornerstone for U.S. companies in hiring international talent, particularly in technology, consulting, and finance sectors. 2023 saw a dynamic shift in the landscape of H1B sponsorship, reflecting broader trends in the global economy, technology advancements, and corporate strategies. Here, we delve into the top 10 H1B sponsors of 2023, showcasing their commitment to attracting and retaining global talent.

1. Services LLC

  • H1B Approvals: 13,206
  • Average Salary: $146,232.04

Leading the chart, Services LLC stands out for its extensive hiring, emphasizing its relentless expansion and investment in cloud computing, e-commerce, and AI technologies.

2. Cognizant Technology Solutions US Corporation

  • H1B Approvals: 13,077
  • Average Salary: $103,098.56

A close second, Cognizant showcases the growing demand for IT consultancy services, driving digital transformations across industries globally.

3. Ernst & Young US LLP

  • H1B Approvals: 11,116
  • Average Salary: $140,879.42

Ernst & Young's substantial H1B filings underline the consulting giant's need for accounting, financial services, and consultancy experts amidst an evolving regulatory landscape.

4. Google LLC

  • H1B Approvals: 9,921
  • Average Salary: $170,126.47

Google continues to be a major player, with its commitment to innovation in search, advertising, and cloud technologies, offering competitive salaries to attract the best talents.

5. Tata Consultancy Services Limited

  • H1B Approvals: 8,542
  • Average Salary: $89,246.85

As a testament to the demand for IT services, Tata Consultancy Services represents the substantial contribution of Indian IT firms to the U.S. economy through skilled workers.

6. Microsoft Corporation

  • H1B Approvals: 7,819
  • Average Salary: $164,904.70

Microsoft's strategic hiring reflects its emphasis on cloud computing, productivity tools, and AI, securing its position as a top destination for global tech talent.

7. Infosys Ltd

  • H1B Approvals: 7,799
  • Average Salary: $92,551.58

Infosys's significant number of approvals highlights its role in global IT consulting and software services, driving digital innovation.

8. Apple Inc

  • H1B Approvals: 4,089
  • Average Salary: $173,776.62

Apple's pursuit of excellence in consumer electronics and software services is mirrored in its aggressive recruitment of high-skilled international talent.

9. Meta Platforms Inc

  • H1B Approvals: 4,085
  • Average Salary: $196,694.77

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta's focus on building immersive digital experiences through AR/VR technologies places it as a top employer for innovative minds.

10. HCL America Inc

  • H1B Approvals: 3,656
  • Average Salary: $108,776.42

Rounding out the top 10, HCL America Inc underscores the continuous need for IT consultancy and technology solutions in the U.S. market.

Top Job Titles of 2023: Where Talent Meets Opportunity

The demand for specific roles within the H1B visa category offers insights into the prevailing industry trends and sectors driving employment:

  1. Software Engineer: 34,686 approvals with an average salary of $140,165.73, highlighting the unyielding demand for software development expertise.
  2. Software Developer: 25,223 approvals, showcasing the need for innovative programming skills in a digitally-driven world.
  3. Senior Software Engineer: With 7,988 approvals, senior roles command higher salaries and reflect the value of experienced professionals in leading complex projects.
  4. Assistant Professor: 5,903 approvals indicate the significance of academia and research in the U.S., nurturing the next generation of innovators and thinkers.
  5. Manager Jc50: 4,307 approvals, underscoring the critical role of leadership and management in various sectors.
  6. Architect: 3,441 approvals, reflecting the ongoing investments in infrastructure, technology architecture, and system design.
  7. Data Engineer: 3,327 approvals, highlighting the importance of data management and analytics in driving business decisions.
  8. Associate: 3,037 approvals, a testament to the professional services sector's growth, including consulting, legal, and financial services.
  9. Analyst: 2,

869 approvals, emphasizing the need for data-driven insights across industries. 10. Software Development Engineer I: 2,808 approvals, pointing to the competitive edge provided by cutting-edge software solutions.


The landscape of H1B sponsorship in 2023 offers a window into the sectors and roles that are pivotal to the U.S. economy's growth and innovation. As companies continue to seek the best global talent to drive forward their agendas, the H1B program stands as a testament to the United States' ongoing commitment to fostering a diverse and competitive workforce.



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